A New World Take on Wine School

Thirsting for more wine knowledge? Become a beta tester for Biarritz Wine Academy, the first free, self-guided wine education app! As a Wine Academy beta tester, you’ll get to: discover tips for ordering better and finding fantastic bottles under $20. explore the world’s wine regions on an interactive map. learn about wine from sommeliers, winemakers, and […]

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The 5 Main Types of Wine

Red Wine Like Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, & Merlot. All grape juice is clear, but through a process called maceration in which the juice and pulp of black grapes are left to ferment together, the juice absorbs the flavors, texture, and color that makes red wine so unmistakable. Red wine is characteristically fruity and peppery, […]

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The Basics of Wine Production

Thousands of years ago, winemaking was an inventive solution for preserving fruit that would otherwise spoil. Today, surprisingly little has changed other than the how and the why. We still harvest grapes from vineyards, ferment the juice to convert sugar into alcohol, and bottle it to enjoy later. But the winemaking process of today is […]

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