Asking why is not only the best way to learn, it’s the best way to innovate. That’s why we started the Biarritz Wine Academy.

Our goal is to remove the fear of inexperience. We want to give beginners a place to ask questions and develop their own tastes, whether that place is on the couch or out with clients.

For those with experience, our goal is to deliver the kind of practical information that will help you think more deductively about every glass.

And for the world of wine at large, we want to discover the hidden gems. We want to share the rare, the special, the under-appreciated, the fun, and the interesting.

We love wine. That’s why we’re here. But we also want to see movement in wine culture. We can still have great bottles without the idea of good and bad, and we can still have experts without the idea of right and wrong. All it takes is a willingness to learn and a willingness to teach.

Kyle & Jenna